All Sales are Final! No returns or refunds available.
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All Sales are Final! No returns or refunds available.

Equipment for Sale
Hot Stamp Foil Sash Press - Comes with the press plates and remaining production stock $25,000
Crown Production - Comes with our stock molds, various pieces of equipment, and remaining production stock $500,000
Sublimation - Comes with 2 heat presses (one 15x15 clam, one custom skateboard size George Knight), 1 hand operated metal slicer, remaining production stock $5000

All Equipment must be picked up from our location. We will not ship.

Allens has been in business since the mid to late 70s. We use 1977 as an official year but it was actually started earlier than that. Wow! that’s about 45 years (sorry we forgot the exact year!) This would not have been possible without all our wonderful customers who have supported this family run company. Unfortunately, like many other businesses COVID came along and ended our run. Some of you may be asking yourself but wait COVID restrictions are starting to lift why can’t you hold on a little longer. That question has a simple answer, we have held on longer than we were able to, so it is time to shut our doors forever. It is a bittersweet closing for us. The remaining members left in the company have already moved on to other adventures.


“Does this mean you are closing today?”
Well not yet, we are entering our closeout time when we will put everything we have left on sale. We hope these products can find a new home before we do shut our doors permanently.

“Hey, wait a minute, I placed an order last week will that order still be filled?”
Yes, all orders that have been placed will be completed and shipped as promised.

“Can I buy some of your supplies/equipment?”
Most likely so. Some items have already been claimed, while others have not yet; please email us with your interest and we will get back with you asap.

“Who do you recommend we go to for our supplies?”
At this time, we do not have any recommendations, other than to check with your local awards dealers.

Contact Us via Email only at info@acrowns.com

We are fulfilling orders. However, it will take a little longer than it did before the COVID outbreak.
Pick up orders may be picked up from our Sister Shop "Sage Den" during their open hours.

The estimated availability of each item can be found on the item's product page.
Please keep this, as well as any national weather situations that may affect the delivery time of your order, in mind.

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more about Allens Crown & Trophy

Since 1977 Allens Crown and Trophy has been a full line pageant and event supplier featuring crowns, tiaras, pageant jewelry, standard and custom sashes, trophies and other things needed to put on a great pageant or reward a deserving person. Allens creates most items we sell in-house, and feature the highest quality and lowest possible prices for American made pageant and event supplies. We are now carrying a new import line of crowns. These imports are still Allens' designs and quality but are in stock for faster delivery.