Allens has been in business since the mid to late 70s. Wow! that’s about 45 years (sorry we forgot the exact year!) This would not have been possible without all of our wonderful customers who have supported this family run company. Unfortunately, like many other businesses COVID came along and ended our run. Some of you may be asking yourself but wait COVID restrictions are starting to lift why can’t you hold on a little longer. That question has a simple answer, we have held on longer than we were able to, so it is time to shut our doors forever. It is a bittersweet closing for us. The remaining members left in the company have already moved on to other adventures.


“Does this mean you are completely closed and I can no longer get my favorite items?”
Yes our doors are permanently shut. We no longer make or sale any products.

“Hey, wait a minute, I placed an order last week will that order still be filled?”
All outstanding orders have already been filled and shipped. There will be no more orders or shipments.

"Do you all have any tiaras/sashes/etc available?"
There is nothing left for sale.

“I shopped with you for years and I need my product, who was your manufacturer?”
We were the manufacturer, that is why we could not ship orders the next day, because it took us at least two weeks to handmake your products.

“Who do you recommend we go to for our supplies?”
At this time, we do not have any recommendations, other than to check with your local awards dealers.

“Can I buy some of your supplies/equipment?”
Most likely so. Some items have already been claimed, while others have not yet; please email us with your interest and we will get back with you asap.

Equipment for Sale

Hot Stamp Foil Sash Press - Comes with the press plates and remaining production stock $25,000

Crown Production - Comes with our stock molds, various pieces of equipment, and remaining production stock $500,000

Sublimation - Comes with 2 heat presses (one 15x15 clam, one custom skateboard size George Knight), 1 hand operated metal slicer, remaining production stock $5000

All Equipment must be picked up from our location. We will not ship.