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3111   1st Place Bookmark Ribbon
DR101   1st Place Deluxe Rosette
2111   1st Place Peaked Top Ribbon
RE101   1st Place Rosette
4111   1st Place Rosette Ribbon
2CInsert   2" Custom Insert
153E   2" Insert Holder, Medallion
153C   2" Insert Holder, Medallion (Full Case)
2Insert   2" Traditional Style Insert
RR25   2.5" Satin Ribbon Roll 200 Yard Roll
ECP2016   2016 Pin
3112   2nd Place Bookmark Ribbon
DR102   2nd Place Deluxe Rosette
2112   2nd Place Peaked Top Ribbon
RE102   2nd Place Rosette
4112   2nd Place Rosette Ribbon
RR3   3" Satin Ribbon Roll Two Hundred Yard Roll
RR3GE   3" Satin Ribbon Roll with Gold Edge Two Hundred Yard Roll
3113   3rd Place Bookmark Ribbon
DR103   3rd Place Deluxe Rosette
2113   3rd Place Peaked Top Ribbon
RE103   3rd Place Rosette
4113   3rd Place Rosette Ribbon
3114   4th Place Bookmark Ribbon
2114   4th Place Peaked Top Ribbon
3115   5th Place Bookmark Ribbon
2115   5th Place Peaked Top Ribbon
3116   6th Place Bookmark Ribbon
2116   6th Place Peaked Top Ribbon
A103   A103 - Little Princess Tiara
A107   A107 - Small Loop Tiara
A113   A113 - Princess Tiara
A122   A122 - Rhinestone Heart Tiara
A133   A133 - Looping Tiara
A162   A162 - Fleur Di Lis Mardi Gras Tiara
A164   A164 - St. Patrick's Day Tiara
A701   A701 - Heart Tiara
A702   A702 - Loop Tiara
A703   A703 - Looping Tiara
A704   A704 - Double Loop Tiara
AA240   AA240 - Interlocking Loop Tiara
AAAC106   AAAC106 Rhinestone Stars on Peaks Crown
AAAC125   AAAC125 Crown with Colored Stone
AAC105   AAC105 Pointed Round Crown
AAC169   AAC169 Star Round Crown
ABAC100   ABAC100 Rhinestone Hearts Crown
ABC500   ABC500 Kings Crown
ACAC101   ACAC101 Rhinestone Blaze Crown
ACC101   ACC101
ACFRS1   ACFRS1 Family Reunion Plaque Series 1
ACFRS2   ACFRS2 Family Reunion Plaque Series 2
1188E   Acorn Cap Nut
1188C   Acorn Cap Nut (Full Case)
ACP120   ACP120 Rhinestone Pin
ACP145   ACP145 Star Rhinestone Pin
ACP177   ACP177 Heart Rhinestone Pin
ADAC152   ADAC152 Curls Galore Adj. Band Crown
AEC100   AEC100 Hearts Round Crown
AFAC400   AFAC400 Love Knot Adj. Crown
AFC148   AFC148 Classic Round Crown
AFCB100   AFCB100 Three Peaks Comfort Band Crown
AGAC557   AGAC557 Northern Breeze Adj. Crown
AGC143   AGC143 Classic Fleur de Lis Round Crown
AGWH204   AGWH204 - Western Hat Crown
AHAC101   AHAC101 Love Knot Adj. Crown
AHAC127   AHAC127 Basketweave Adj. Crown
AHAC145   AHAC145 Stars & Loops Adj. Crown
AHAC151   AHAC151 Hearts & Lace Adj. Crown
AJAC147   AJAC147 Lady Glitzz Adj. Crown
AJAC170   AJAC170 Peaked Band Adj. Crown
AJWH170   AJWH170 - Fancy Western Hat Crown
ALC143   ALC143 Classic Fleur de Lis Round Crown
6426E   All Star Music
6426C   All Star Music (Full Case)
AMAC127   AMAC127 Basketweave Adj. Band Crown
RT471   American Eagle Trophy
RT571   American Eagle Trophy
ANAC106   ANAC106 Rhinestone Stars on Peaks Crown
AOAC107   AOAC107 Celtic Royalty Adj. Crown
AOC200   AOC200 Rhinestone Stars Round Crown
AQAC557   AQAC557 Northern Breeze Adj. Crown
ARAC136   ARAC136 Contessa Adj. Band Crown
ARAC151   ARAC151 Hearts and Lace Adj. Crown
ARC117   ARC117 Loops with Pearls Round Crown
ARC157   ARC157 Rhinestone Round Crown
ARCB100   ARCB100 Seven Peaks Comfort Fit Crown
517E   Archer, Female
517C   Archer, Female (Full Case)
516E   Archer, Male
516C   Archer, Male (Full Case)
ASAC149   ASAC149 - Valentine's Day Series
ASAC152   ASAC152 Curls Galore Rhinestone Adj. Band Crown
ASP12016   ASP12016 2016 Sash Pin
ATAC145   ATAC145 Shooting Stars Adj. Crown
ATC106   ATC106 Empress of the Empire Junior
ATC125   ATC125 Rhinestone Round Crown Junior
AVC115   AVC115 Rhinestone Round Crown
AVC125   AVC125 Rhinestone Round Crown
525E   Awareness Ribbon
525C   Awareness Ribbon (Full Case)
AXCB100   AXCB100 Rhinestone Peaks Adj. Band Crown
AYAC100   AYAC100 Classic Rhinestone Adj. Band Crown
AYAC147   AYAC147 The Lady Glitzz Adj. Crown
AZC106   AZC106 - Empress of the Empire
AZC150   AZC150 Classic Rhinestone Style Crown
B102   B102 - Loops Tiara
B110   B110 - Curls & Loop Tiara
B120   B120 - Loop Tiara
B149   B149 - Valentine's Day Series
262E   Baby
262C   Baby (Full Case)
50091GS   Ball Holder
550E   Ballerina
550C   Ballerina (Full Case)
60403GS   Baseball Action Color, Male
56703GS   Baseball Action Sport, Male
64503GS   Baseball Color Legend
57603GS   Baseball Elite Grand, Male
55603GS   Baseball Elite, Male
56803GS   Baseball Large Action Sport, Male
50703-G   Baseball Large, Male
56503GS   Baseball Legend, Male
RT203   Baseball Resin Trophy
58503GS   Baseball Shield, Male
CL503   Baseball Spinner Trophy
CL550   Baseball Sport Scene Trophy
503E   Baseball, Male
503C   Baseball, Male (Full Case)
CL507   Basketball Sport Scene Trophy - Female
CL505   Basketball Sport Scene Trophy - Male
507E   Basketball, Female
507C   Basketball, Female (Full Case)
505E   Basketball, Male
505C   Basketball, Male (Full Case)
456E   Bass
456C   Bass (Full Case)
660E   Baton Twirler
660C   Baton Twirler (Full Case)
56201GS   Bbq Grill Legend
RT201   BBQ Grill Trophy
BCAC120   BCAC120 - Basketweave Adj. Crown
BCAC136   BCAC136 Contessa Adj. Crown
BCBC100   BCBC100 Kings Adj. Band Crown
BEAC152   BEAC152 Curls Galore Adj. Band Crown
ACBP   Beauty Pageant Plaque
650E   Beauty Queen
650C   Beauty Queen (Full Case)
32215E   Beauty Queen Wreath Medal Small
WRTHMS-32215   Beauty Queen Wreath Medal Small
32215C   Beauty Queen Wreath Medal Small (Full Case)
BHAC100   BHAC100 Rhinestone Peaks Adj. Crown
SS204   Birthday Princess Satin Sash
RE202   Birthday Star Rosette
BJAC557   BJAC557 Northern Breeze Adj. Crown
BKAC147   BKAC147 The Lady Glitzz Adj. Crown
BKAC152   BKAC152 Curls Galore Adj. Band Crown
BKBC100   BKBC100 King's Rhinestone Adj. Crown
BKCB101   BKCB101 Flaming Beauty Crown
R11013-KE   Black Oak Plaque Board 11013
R11013-KC   Black Oak Plaque Board 11013 (Full Case)
R11215-KE   Black Oak Plaque Board 11215
R11215-KC   Black Oak Plaque Board 11215 (Full Case)
R146-KC   Black Oak Plaque Board 146
R146-KE   Black Oak Plaque Board 146
R157-KE   Black Oak Plaque Board 157
R157-KC   Black Oak Plaque Board 157 (Full Case)
R168-KE   Black Oak Plaque Board 168
R168-KC   Black Oak Plaque Board 168 (Full Case)
R179-KE   Black Oak Plaque Board 179
R179-KC   Black Oak Plaque Board 179 (Full Case)
R1810-KE   Black Oak Plaque Board 1810
R1810-KC   Black Oak Plaque Board 1810 (Full Case)
R1912-KE   Black Oak Plaque Board 1912
R1912-KC   Black Oak Plaque Board 1912 (Full Case)
52503GS   Bobble Head Baseball, Male
52101GS   Bobble Head Commode
52620GS   Bobble Head Shark
52618GS   Bobble Policeman
DR301   Bride To Be Deluxe Rosette
RE301   Bride To Be Rosette
SB301   Bride To Be Satin Button
SS310   Bride To Be Satin Sash
SS321   Bride To Be Satin Sash
SS326   Bridesmaid Satin Sash
BZAC100   BZAC100 Enhanced Rhinestone Peaks Adj. Crown
BZBC143   BZBC143 Fleur di Lis Rhinestone Adjustable Band Crown
BZCB101   BZCB101 Flaming Skull Crown
C102   C102 - Rhinestone Loops Tiara
C103   C103 - Rhinestone Peak & Loop Tiara
C104   C104 - Rhinestone Loops & Heart Tiara
C112   C112 - Three Loops Tiara
C117   C117 - Five Loops Tiara

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